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Vom Jagerhaus West German Shepherds was founded in 2003 by Carl and Dawn Hollister. I have always loved the German Shepherd Dog breed, and have had German Shepherds since I was a child.

In 1986 I founded "Silverleaf Shepherds" in my hometown of Newberry, MI, where I owned my two dogs, "Toskey's Cinnamon Delight" (Cindy), and Toskey's Classic Coke, (Hercules). Herc was my confirmation show dog, winning many U.S. and Canadian awards.

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Michigan German Shepherd Breeders

My thanks go out to Herc's handlers, Jack and Susan Nugent, and James Moses, respectively. Cindy was my obedience champion, earning the title CDX "Companion Dog Excellent".

I was a member of the obedience club "The E.U.P. Dog Fanciers", and had a lot of fun with our friends in Newberry. (That's Cindy and I in the club logo).

I moved from Newberry to Allegan, MI to work as the Primary Health Coordinator for the Allegan County Sheriff's Department in February of 1994. It was just after I started with the Sheriff's Department that I met and married my wife Dawn.

In 2016 Dawn and I decided to start breeding German Shepherd Dogs full time. Our home is located way in the back of 16 wooded acres. It has a clear, spring-fed-fresh-water stream, (tested by the health department for pesticides and other contaminants), and is a very quiet, safe place for my family to live.

My wife Dawn and I have 2 sons, Connor (18), and Cary (14). Both boys are getting into the business also. Connor, (whom we call Doonie), feeds and socializes the puppies from about 2 weeks and on. He will stay with them in the whelping box for a couple of hours at a time, sometimes even sleeping with the babies.

My youngest son, Cary, is Chief of Security here at Vom Jagerhaus. His daily duties include securing premises and personnel by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting buildings, kennels, equipment, and access points, also observing weather conditions and sounding alarms, knowing and following emergency response plans when required, and keeping the center sanitary and neat. Cary also assists me in training Zeus and Isabella on sleeve.