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Zeus vom Hauswalder Bach

Our Stud dog is Zeus vom Hauswalder Bach (SZ#2314605, AKC#DN45872702), who we imported from Frankfurt, Germany in March of 2016. Zeus is the son of the #1 German Shepherd Dog in the world, 4X VA1 Ballack von der Brucknerallee, and he is a gorgeous male. Zeus was born in Bischofswerda, Germany, and has just turned 2 years old. He is registered with the Verein Fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (SV)e.V. in Germany, and has his pink papers, and also registered with the AKC here in the United States. Zeus has a huge head, and a beautifully soft black and mahogany red coat. He has chocolate brown eyes, a magnificent gait, and is the friendliest dog we've ever had here. His personality is his best feature.

He is quiet, does not bark at strangers, is trustworthy of children of all ages, including babies, and is a very confident dog in any situation, including thunderstorms and gunfire. Visitors, you are welcome to bring your entire family over to meet him anytime you want to, as his personality has to be seen to be believed. Besides that, he loves company. Please feel free to come and visit, and bring your family, as this is the best way to see and pick out your future puppy, and also view the parents of the litters, who we have here living with us. You can find all of the dogs we have here, as well as their family lineage, by going to www.pedigreedatabase.com, and entering their names on the 'Pedigree Search' bar, or go to www.us.working-dog.eu and searching by name there also.

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